Master Bath, Closet, and Bedroom Flood in 2017

On October 20th, 2017 at 9pm we arrived home to discover a flood in the master bath, spilling over into the master closet and master bedroom. This page is a visual document of the initial steps we took to deal with the damage.

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Tearing out the Master Bath and Closet; part of the Master Bedroom (day 1)

Bedroom entrance with bathroom/closet entrance on the left:
Bathroom entrance - closet on the left and bathroom on the right:
Bathroom - Tub on left, cabinets/counters ahead and around to the left. Door to outside at the end of the hall, with toilet on right and shower on the left:
Bathroom tub access port looking for water:
Other access to underside of the tub is from a port in the closet hall. Here it's opened to expose this side of the tub:
Bathroom to closet hallway; door to bedroom on left, full closet on right:
With Bedroom on the left we have a cabinet in closet with wet carpet:
Standing in bedroom looking towards entry into closet/bathroom, door to living room on left (with dog):
Pulling carpet from wall between bathroom and bedroom (on bedroom side) looking for water. Carpet and pad are soaked:
Removed all furniture from bedroom and pulled up the wet carpet to expose the pad:
Begin removing pad to expose wet floor boards:
Walk-thru the bathroom and closet (from the bedroom):
Damaged comforter:
The problem toilet:
Toilet leak in action:



Tearing out the Master Bedroom (day 2)

After consulting a contractor and the carpet installer we were advised to remove all the carpet and pad from the bedroom as most of it was wet. Here we see work in progress, and water evidence in different places of the bedroom:



Completion of Carpet and Pad Removal (day 3)

This is what the master rooms looked like after removing all carpet, pads, and most tack strips:
Wet carpet is VERY heavy, so to save on dump fees we dry the carpet in the sun. Takes about 4 days:



Inspection of the Basement Under Master Rooms (day 3)

The water that flooded the bathroom, closet, and bedroom had to go somewhere. Some was hauled out with soaked carpet and pads. Some was soaked into the floor. The rest dripped through the floor to the crawl space, pooling on the vapor barrier:
The subfloor was insulated, which means the water had to travel through the insulation to pool on the vapor barrier. The insulation is now wet. (These pictures are looking UP into the floor rafters):



Inspection of the Basement Nov 9 Prior to Basement Remediation (2 ½ Weeks After Discovery of the Incident)

The above pictures show the basement 3 days after the discovery of the incident. The following pictures show what happened during the following 2+ weeks. The insulation is still wet is some places, and the heaver pieces are beginning to fall. In two days the Remediation company will pull out all wet and damaged insulation and dispose of it, allowing the affected subfloor to dry:



Water Remediation is Almost Complete (Nov 8 - 2 ½ Weeks After Discovery of the Incident)

After talking to 3 different companies about doing water remediation I finally found a local company that could do it. (The first 3 companies I contacted, including the one initially contacted by AAA, said they did not have the resources to help me.) The following pictures show the equipment brought in to dry the floors and walls. These pictures and videos were taken 8 days after the drying began:
After 8 days of running the fans 24 hours a day it appears the top surface of the subfloor and walls are dry. But even after this period the wood under the tile is still wet. The following two videos show the result of measuring the moisture using two different devices:



Water Remediation Under Tile; Prep for Dump (Nov 18 - 4 Weeks After Discovery of the Incident)

Since the floor under the tiles is still wet we remove the tile and prepare it for drying:
At this point we've got almost everything ready for the dump:
Now that the toilet has been removed we've got light and room to analyze the broken part:



Water Remediation Under Tile Complete (Dec 1 - 6 Weeks After Discovery of the Incident)

The floor under the tile is pretty much dry:



Water Remediation Under Floor Complete (Dec 4 - 6 ½ Weeks After Discovery of the Incident)

The wet insulation has been removed and needs to be replaced: