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Home     This page.

Meadowsun     Our Meadowsun home.

Odessa     Pictures and discussion of a few trips to Odessa, Ukraine.

Kitchen     2008-2009 LaSalle kitchen remodel.

Scooter     Polly's "new" (as of Christmas, 2008) scooter.

Swimming     Adventures in Arlyn's swimming world.

Arlyn Room     A make-over of Arlyn's room on LaSalle.

Driveway     Arkell Driveway.

SR Fence     Busted fence at Meadowsun.

2009 Xmas     2009 Christmas in Tampa.

2016 Floors     2016 Upgrade of Floors at Meadowsun.

SR Mounds     2017 Removal of Mounds on the East Side of Meadowsun.

SR Flood     2017 Master Flood.

SR Leak     2016-2017 New Roof and/or Window Leak.